We think your wedding story should be told and not posed. 

We’re not into foreheads touching and bridal parties jumping in sync. What we dig are real people, doing real things. It’s organic. It should feel like you, and look like you. That’s why we don’t play the hourly game or offer tiered packages. When we get rid of all of that noise, what we’re left with is helping rad people on the raddest day of their lives, period.

When we work together, we are along for the ride all day, without restrictions. And yes, we get that your family may want some “posed” portraits. We can totally do that. We just think that should be the easiest part of your day -- and the quickest. About the only thing we’ll ever ask you to do is make out a little because, frankly, making out is pretty awesome.

Clients typically receive 500-750 images, but each wedding is different. We also deliver two curated photo books. That way you have something in your hands and on your coffee table quickly. And because we are not fans of watermarks, all of your images are yours to do with what you will. See? No bullshit.

A L W A Y S   I N C L U D E D

  • unlimited, all-day coverage

  • 2 shooters

  • 2 curated photo books


Note: Rates are exactly as listed. Packages include awesome discounts when booking more than one, especially all, Lovesick services.

dj + photography + film:  $12500   /   photography + film: $10000   /   dj + film: $8000   /   dj + photography: $7500

film: $7000   /   photography: $5500   /   live dj: $2750