W H E N   W E   D O   I T   A L L

  • live dj

  • 3 shooters

  • unlimited, all-day coverage

  • 2 curated photo books

  • 1 first look film & photo set

  • 1 final cut film & photo set  

One team, pretty much everything. 

Our clients tend to stray from the traditional. In fact, our whole venture into the wedding world was based on the idea that we could help couples put together and capture their event in a way that truly represents them.

That's why we've assembled this awesome team of people who can take on the music, film, and photography for your wedding with one cohesive game plan for the day. This ensures we are all on the same page with your vision and gives us a little more control over all the moving parts. Now you have an organized group of advocates on the ground, making sure your wedding feels like your wedding. 

And if you're only looking for one or two services, no worries. We've spent our weekends over the past decade (whoa, that went by quickly) working with many of the other rad wedding professionals that Philly has to offer. We're just extra proud of what we know can be accomplished when we get the whole gang together. 

That's about it! We try to make this process as easy as possible, so check out the film above, look around a little, find all our prices right on the site, and then let's plan on chatting more. Congrats!


Note: Rates are exactly as listed. Packages include awesome discounts when booking more than one, especially all, Lovesick services.

dj + photography + film:  $12500   /   photography + film: $10000   /   dj + film: $8000   /   dj + photography: $7500

film: $7000   /   photography: $5500   /   live dj: $2750