We are not some big company's “available DJ of the night." 

We are not the guys who spend too much time on the mic coaxing guests to dance or playing with props. We are music lovers who met playing live in clubs. We're DJs who know that music is about the context in which it is played. We know all about the goosebumps you get when you hear the right song at the right time. For us, it’s about planning and creatively executing the music that will forever be a part of the most important moments in your life. It's a real, live performance, mixed to provide the seamless soundtrack to your big day.

Of course, it's about having an amazing time. But first and foremost, it's about ensuring the night is tailored to the personal vision of each couple, and not every other wedding that your guests have been to a hundred times before.




  • we want to know who you are… musically-speaking, but if you need ideas, check out this document: GETINSPIRED.PDF(It’s also a good resource to find out what songs we suggest you leave off the playlist.)

Note: Rates are exactly as listed. Packages include awesome discounts when booking more than one, especially all, Lovesick services.

dj + photography + film:  $12500   /   photography + film: $10000   /   dj + film: $8000   /   dj + photography: $7500

film: $7000   /   photography: $5500   /   live dj: $2750