frequently asked questions

What are your rates?  There's a whole page for that right here

Can Lovesick be my DJ and/or cinematographer and/or photographer at the same time?  Absolutely! We love working as a team because it ensures that everyone is on the same page. We think working as an ensemble providing multiple services adds another level of organization to the busy day. 

We are into [insert genre here] music but don’t know how it will work at a wedding. Can you help?  That’s essentially what we’re all about. We want your personality to come through, most importantly. We’ll help you stay true to your musical identity while ensuring all the guests have a great time. It’s not about “if” you can play a song... it’s about “when.”

How far will you travel to perform at an event?  To paraphrase Johnny Cash, we’ve been everywhere, man. We are based out of Philly, so we travel to the Philadelphia metro area and most of New Jersey without adding travel costs. Beyond those areas, there is a travel fee of $500-$1500, typically. Email us and we’ll see what the costs might be. We are also happy to travel to shoot destination events.

Will film clients receive the raw footage?  A big part of what we create happens in the editing process, so we do not provide raw footage. Just as when we take stills, we don't provide every single photograph. We want to present you with the best of the best of the day, and preserve your event as you remember it. 

How can DJs and image-makers be eco-friendly?  Our studio is located within New Jersey’s very first “LEED-Silver” green home. We reduce our carbon footprint by purchasing offset credits through TerraPass. Our film and photo packages are delivered to clients in the most eco-friendly means possible. Additionally, most of the team are vegetarians and we all live green lifestyles.

Will you perform at same-sex weddings?  Totally! Frankly, we hate that this is even a question that has to be asked. We are big supporters of marriage equality. In fact, over the past several years, our Lovesick Expo has raised thousands of dollars for the Human Rights Campaign's marriage equality efforts and The Trevor Project. 

Can we see you DJ at a wedding?  Out of respect to all parties involved, including you, we do not invite potential clients to weddings. You wouldn't want strangers ogling your DJ or sneaking bites of your food, right? Plus, every event is different so it may not be a true reflection of what your wedding might look and sound like. However, several times each year, a public event will arise and we try to let all potential clients know as soon as possible. You can also read testimonials or see footage from some of our events on this very site! We are very confident in our ability to convey what we do and welcome the opportunity to talk more.

Do you guys ever sleep?  Sometimes. But we have a lot of fun when we’re awake.


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