I mean, who are we to brag... so, let's hear what these people have to say! 

“Finding a DJ for our wedding who would play the type of music we like was so important to us, and we were beginning to get worried we wouldn't find what we wanted... and then we heard about the DJs with the skinny ties and sneakers. We knew you guys were it when all of our favorite bands were listed on your website, and it was even further confirmed when you suggested a video chat since we live in Baltimore. You were the Mac-using, indie-loving guys we were looking for! The music you played was perfect. A few friends even told us it was the hippest wedding they've ever gone to because of the music. There was something for everyone, and you kept the dance party going well past curfew.  

But our biggest thank you to you is for something we never thought of in our wedding planning... our wedding video. Wedding videos are supposed to be terribly boring, and the only people who suffer through watching them are the bride and groom. But now if we have any advice for couples getting married, it's have a videographer. The day goes by so quickly that you can't possibly take in everything or even remember it all. Our video lets us relive the happiest day of our lives, and it's the complete opposite of boring. We're probably biased, but it may be the best wedding video ever! We must have watched the First Look video 20 times the first day, and cried every time. You captured every perfect moment, and having it set to music with just the vows for spoken words makes it absolutely beautiful.

You guys are the complete package. You are professional and organized, and helped to put us at ease during a crazy, stressful time. You must have 10 arms a piece for all that you were able to do! We cannot thank you enough. You helped to make our wedding everything we hoped for. Thank you!”

brittany & justin




"We had a great time at the wedding, and as we were looking through the pictures, all we kept saying was 'I don't remember them taking that!'  You were all such a pleasure to hang out with while at the same time somehow invisible. We're so happy with everything, and can't wait to share with our family!"

mary & billy

"Holy shit! You absolutely destroyed the dance floor! No words can describe it besides 'epic.' You blew everyone's minds. We cannot thank you enough."

ray & erin 

"When we got engaged and had to dive into the wedding industrial complex, we have to admit, we were feeling a little disheartened. We knew we didn't want a typical wedding DJ and were very dubious that we could  a) find a DJ that would be able to channel our taste and  b) still create a great party. You did all of that and so much more. I mean, you played the fucking Misfits at a wedding! (We hope that is some sort of first.) Never in our wildest dreams did we think we'd find someone like you -- someone so kind and chill and intuitive. You are a true artist, Tom. We cannot thank you enough for everything you did to help make our wedding the rock and roll dance party of our dreams."

kate & pete

"As is the case with everything you guys did with regards to the wedding, the film is perfect. We probably watched it at least a dozen times and we fully expect to enjoy it forever. It's so beautiful and captures so many candid moments. It feels like we see something new every time we watch it. It was everything traditional wedding videos are not, and we are so thankful to have it."

jaimee & caitlin

“It's really hard to say anything right now other than ‘holy shit.’ And I mean that in the absolute best way. Seriously, holy shit. The film has evoked so many emotions from that amazing weekend. The editing is beyond superb. Not lost on us. Not at all. The ceremony was so brilliantly melded with the Colin Hay song. Every single song brings another visceral and meaningful layer to the incredible moments you've captured and the stunning effects that add so much beauty and eye pleasure. Tears fell from my eyes the whole way through, even when I was laughing. We felt every morsel of care that was put into the Final Cut. We felt every moment you spent over all of the weeks to build us the best film, beyond the best that we could have imagined.  

The whole weekend was a dream to us -- two very rational and pragmatic people -- and this video allows us to step back onto that airy cloud time and again. We get to go there and the video shows us all the pieces exactly as we remembered them. A million thank yous... and a million more holy shits. Seriously.” 

shana & james

"Adam, you beast. What a fucking party. You totally rocked it. So many of our friends and family specifically told us that they loved each and every song you played, mixed up, and that the party flowed perfectly. The music during the ceremony was exactly what we had hoped for. And you fit in our requested songs at the right times. So happy with how everything went, so thank you! Still riding on cloud nine."

mike & beth 

"With most sincerity from the bottom of my anatomically small, but metaphorically large heart, we can't thank you enough. It was because of who you are as people, as a group, as individuals, that we chose you to be a huge part of our special day. You made us both so happy, not just because of the film and DJing (people said it was the most non-stop dancing they've seen at a wedding), but because you were happy for us and that was something that was so contagious from the moment we met you. From Jon willing to Skype us while we were on the road and high-fiving us every moment he got on our wedding day, Tom chatting with us into the wee hours of the night about the details of our wedding, Tiffany exuding excitement when we met her, and Jason allowing my mom to grab at his tie/shirt and for giving me his vegan snacks when I was hungry -- not the one that wasn't opened -- the one that he was in mid-bite. How you made us feel from beginning to the end is something I'll never forget. I'm getting teary-eyed while I write this so I should probably stop." 

gidget & matt

"I can't begin to tell you how in love we are with these photos! You guys did an incredible job! You really captured our love in a natural, unstaged way. We probably looked at these photos 30 times in a matter of less than 24 hours (seriously). You guys are amazing.”

alex & bryce

"All you have to know is that my uncle who hates everything in life came up to me in the very early part of our reception and said 'I've never heard a better wedding DJ in my entire life.'"

marci & julian

"You guys crushed it. I don't know what else to say. We had a fucking blast. My friends couldn't say enough good things about you guys. I can't thank you enough for taking the time to get to know us, to learn about our music tastes, and deliver an amazing set. I don't know how you take the time to get to know all of your clients like you do. I'm just sad because I feel like I don't want this relationship to end! I'm just glad I got the opportunity to work with you. You guys were 110% the right way to go. A night that will live in infamy."

david & jillian

"It was truly one of the best days of my life. You were absolute amazing and you gave off the greatest energy. There was so much positivity in the room and you guys were a big part of that. Everyone kept saying how much they loved you guys and how the music was right on point. I think my favorite comments were from my friends saying they felt like they were riding in my car or inside my head the whole night. You guys truly hit on what makes us happy and want to dance."

trisha & jon

"Thank you, Adam, for being such an incredible DJ. You made the night so special and so fun! I literally wanted to dance all night and Lovesick made that happen. We truly appreciate you personalizing the music for us. You and your team are truly amazing at what you do, and the time you put into your craft doesn't go unnoticed."

tina & ray

"Just wanted to say thanks so much for everything at the wedding. You guys really were incredibly in tune with how we wanted our reception to go, and completely exceeded our expectations. There were so many moments when our friends just smiled and said to us, 'I can't believe they are playing this song!' I have to say that you guys have an incredible idea with your business -- although I am reluctant to just call it a 'business' since you totally struck us as just decent, genuine people who care about music, and understand how important it is to people like us on our wedding day. There was absolutely nothing canned or uniform about you guys. I can't say enough positive things! So, so, so, so awesome. Thanks so much for making every moment of our wedding memorable with the songs you played." 

peter & laura

"We just wanted to thank you guys from the bottom of our hearts for doing a phenomenal job at our wedding. Everything was absolutely perfect. Jon and Jason, you are super talented. On top of being fantastic, you guys were so fun to spend the day/night with. We felt like you were part of the wedding party -- like old friends (which is exactly what we wanted). Thank you for being so generous with your time and energy. You were the perfect balance of laid back vs. productive which made the day just run so, so smoothly. You really outdid yourselves. And that drone! Tom, the party was amazing. Everyone is still talking about how great the party was. We agree as we didn't leave the dance floor! Everyone died and went to heaven. We saw you jumping around back there, too! You really were a star. What an amazing experience. "

jess & eric